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Channel View Condos - Rock mounted sign

" It is my pleasure to recommend Jerry Kirby and Torchcraft! I was given the task of creating a sign for the entrance of Channel View Condominiums in Port Aransas, Texas to replace the sign destroyed by hurricane "Harvey", I found a large limestone rock on my ranch in Rocksprings, Texas and contacted Jerry for help In designing a sign. We had numerous photos and texts back and forth and with his guidance came up with the perfect design! The biggest challenge was getting that 2800 pound rock across south Texas to its new home! Torchcraft got the beautiful letters to us right away! The sign looks great and has gotten many positive compliments! Every step of the way we were impressed with the excellence of their service and the product we received. "

Carl H.
Port Aransas, TX
Port Bay Hunting Fishing Club Sign
Rattling S Ranch - Bolt on Sign
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