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Sure Shot Ranch

Sure Shot Ranch

This is about the best story to go with any picture that I have ever posted on this blog.  The customer called me and wanted a sign for his ranch in Colorado.  It seems that he and his partner were trying to come to a buy out price on the ranch that they co-owned.  It was suggested that they have a shoot off using their beloved lever action rifles.  The partner that now owns the ranch achieved his lower buy out price with a "Sure Shot". Now that is the Cowboy way to settle an argument

When I was young, a good friend and his dad would always have a shoot off in the back yard to see who had to wash dishes when mom and sister were not home.  They always shot until they had a tie.....so the dirty dishes where still there when mom and sis returned.  That is the Texas Way!

Cuttin Chute Ranch Sign
Marlin fish adorned in Florida
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