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Flying J Ranch - Great Story


Here is a sign that I did for a customer in which I didn't know the full story behind the name.  Below is from my customer after the metal sign was installed.


"Hi Jerry,

Sorry for the delay in getting back with you.  Crazy week or so.  I had the sign installed last Thursday in time for our housewarming party on Saturday.   Not only was my wife blown away by how amazing it looks (she was moved to tears), we also received a lot of compliments on how cool it is from our friends at the party..........

I know you wanted a story and picture for your site.  I attached the picture.  Here is the story:

My wife and I met at a running club in Austin.  Our names both start with "J" and because we were two of the fastest runners in our group and were inseparable, our running coach would always refer to us jointly as 'the flying J's'.  The nickname stuck.  We used the symbol of the two runners on the pint glasses that we gave to the guests at our wedding.  

Thank you again, Jerry.  The sign puts a huge grin on our faces everytime we see it."


The Frugal Pilgrim
Six Forks West Ranch - Uvalde, TX
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