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Ranch sign in Batesville, Texas

Recently while visiting the Uvalde area we were driving around nearby towns and I recognized a sign that I did quite some time ago.  I like the buck as he seems to be rubbing the velvet off of his antlers on the small brush. 

Super Cub in Alaska

This order was for Father's Day.  Super Cub with tundra tires is the joy of a dad in Alaska.  Cut from 1/8" plate and approximately 24" long.  The N numbers are vinyl and applied onto the side of the white pained bird.  Great customer to work with. 

Address sign in Austin, Texas

This address sign is made by rolling a 3/4" square tubing into a 42" circle.  The address sign is cut from 3/16" plate and hung with chains.  The lettering is cut in reverse.  Left unpainted for a rusty presentation.  Legs will be set in the ground for mounting. 

Duvall County, Texas gate with reflective address numbers

This gate was ordered with the ranch brand and address numbers included.  The numbers are cut from 3/16" plate and reflective silver vinyl is applied to the top of the numbers for easy identification at night.  Gate is located in South Texas near San Diego. 

Kiowa Springs Farm in Oklahoma

Sign depicts the farm operation of cattle and farming.  Vintage tractor with maize growing in the field.  Bob White quail border the name of the farm. 

Sign for K&S Ranch in Wyoming

Customer asked for a wind blown tree for the very high winds that they experience in Wyoming.  Name of ranch with address.  The sign is cut from 3/16" and painted black.  Chain links welded for hanging.  

Sail Fish Wall Art

A repeat customer.  First order was a Blue Marlin for coastal home.  This order is a Sail Fish to balance out the wall display.  The fish is cut from 1/8" plate and heat tempered.  Finished with automotive clear coat. 

Here Be Draggons

Here is a clear message that this property is private and entering it without permission is not a good idea. Cut from 3/16" and left unpainted for a rusty sign to develope over time. 

Hanging Sign for Home

Couple have a new house with wooden poles arching over the drive way.  They wanted their house number displayed along with their last name and motorcycle silhouettes. 

Missouri Farm Sign

Super nice customer in Missouri ordered a farm sign and was very easy to work with.  I like the way they display it by their entrance.  I also included a pic of it just after painting......

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Hill Country Ranch Sign

Had a very nice customer wanting to create a sign for his grandfather's ranch near Mountain Home.  Very rocky country as it is near Rocks Springs.  The sign is one of my favorite as it has a goat in it.  "Old Chivto" might be his name as he is standing on the rock and watching over things.  The customer did his own installation with a family member and it appears to be a very nice job.

Wedding gift for young farmers in Illinois

Initials cut for farm entrance to celebrate the newly married couple who will live there.  Cut from 3/16" plate and painted. 

Dimmitt County Rodeo and Conference Center

Carrizo Springs, Texas is the county seat of Dimmitt County.  Recently they have constructed a new complex that included a 5 foot diameter metal seal cut from 1/2" plate steel.  Torchcraft was awarded the project.  This is hand cut  from the 1/2" plate steel and sent to a sand blaster / powder coating company for finish. 

La Parra

I recently had a job that required using 1/2" plate steel.  I have been playing with the scraps of that 1/2" plate.  A good friend of mine who lives on the Kenedy ranch ask me about making  the famous La Parra brand.  I made him a regular cattle/horse brand but also cut the lettering out of the 1/2" plate steel along with the brand itself.    La parra means grape vine in Spanish.  Here the lettering is sitting on a block of oak, which make a good background. 

Frame design for a ceiling light fixture

Customer bought an LED shop light to be suspended over a large ranch house dining table.  He wanted art work to hang over and around the light fixture.  This piece is what was created for that.  

Ape Hanger Sign

Here is a unique sign for a customer that might like bikes.  He was kind enough to remember to send a picture after he hung it in front of his entrance. 

CountySide Ice

Ice house between San Antonio and Floresville recently opened up and wanted some western art on their new building. This art spans about 24 feet in width. Cut from 3/16" plate and painted with a brown enamel. 

Ranch Entrance Sign

This sign represents a lot of about the owners.  The ranch, located in Texas,  has had the same brand in their family for three generatioins.  Cattle are raised on the ranch and aviation has been a part of the the family history for a long time.

House Address Sign

Customer furnished the idea of having five birds sitting on a limb with numbers on each bird.  This piece is fresh cut without paint and width is 40" wide.  Thickness of metal is 3/16". 

J B Oil and Gas Service in Dilley Texas

Oil field service company in Dilley ask me to create a drilling rig scene for a wall in their office.  The rig is 10 feet tall with a substructure of 15 feet wide.  Complete with Christmas tree, flow line and tank battery. Everything is cut from 1/8" plate steel and painted black. 

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