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Ranch sign for Jackson

This is a new twist.  Customer built a 5 foot box out of 3/16" plate steel.  I cut the name in the face of the box and he has installed lights inside the box so the name is visible at night.  Very nice approach to a ranch entrance. 

Pin Oak gate sign for Ohio

New gate needs a new sign.  Pin Oak tree is the silhouette for the Oak Crest sign,  Cut from 1/8" plate and painted brown.

Lucky Oak Ranch in Los Angeles, Texas

There is a new ranch owner in Los Angeles, Texas who is having a nice time with her new property.  The barn will have the ranch name and other art displayed on the wall.  All cut from 1/8" plate and heat tempered.  The customer is taking the pieces to have them powder coated with a clear coat.  The name and location will be powder coated in black.

Gate insert for Van Nuys, California

Customer is having a gate made and ordered a Kokopelli to be placed in the middle of the gate.  Piece is cut from 1/8" plate and oval is made from 1/8" x 1" flate bar. 

Special Donut made for trailer

Customer designed a trailer sign  cut from 1/8" plate.  Circle is a 36" diameter.  Left unpained for a rust finish. 

Hondo Texas "Hondorosa Ranch" sign

This is a very special sign for a a very special lady in Hondo, Texas. The sign was originally designed by her late husband.  The sign is really unique and painted in the cream color makes it stand out very well. 

White Marlin

This is number three for a customer who loves to fish.  First was a 4 foot tall sail fish, then a blue marlin and now the white marlin.  All are the same size and finised in the heat tempered finish with automotive clear coat. 

unpainted coat rack

I needed an birthday gift for my one year old newest grand daughter.  Since her name is Faith, I thought the letter font was appropriate. 

G & D Ranch sign

Nice design by customer that ordered and designed the sign for her husband's birthday gift.

Conrad ranch sign for Cuero, Texas

Ranch sign with family brands, established date and other favorites, such as bluebonnet flowers that "Mom" loved.

Whispering Pines sign for Firestone Colorado

Colorado sign for Whispering Pines Ranch.  10 feet wide, cut from 3/16" plate steel.

Rock signs for entrance

Customer has two large rocks at his entrance and wanted to put these signs on the rocks with lights behind to be seen at night. 

Rock sign with street address

Addrress is 109 Elk street so the customer chose an elk to be displayed with the numbers.

Ruiz sign with Black Bucks

Hanging ranch sign depicting two black bucks fighting and below the three ranch brands used.

Barn Brand

Cut from 1/8' plate for mounting on the new metal building.  Customer has these brands sand blasted and powder coated before mounting.

Rathke Fire Screen

Preiously this customer ordered a gate for his new home in South Texas. That gate is posted on this blog.  Now a fireplace screen was ordered to show the same buck used on the gate.  Hopefully, he will send a picture of the screen with a nice warm fire blazing in the background. 

Twin Oaks Entrance gate in Elmendorf, Texas

Customer designed a 20 foot gate with two oak trees hanging over the ranch brand.  The frame is made of 3" square tubing with 3/4" square tubing pickets.  Oak trees are made from 1/8" plate steel.  Gate weight is approximately 575 pounds........

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Rathke Gate in George West, Texas

New home needs a new gate.  Gate depicts the things that are important to the owners.  Square tube gate frame with cattle panel covering the face of the gate.  Gate was powder coated.

King Trails Animal Hospital in Jackson, Florida

King Tails Animal Hospital in Jackson Florida.  Customer sent his custom logo to be mounted on the front of the clinic.  Each piece was cut and a stainless bolt welded to the back side.  Each piece was taken to a powder coating place where they were sand blasted and coated with the proper colors.  A template was made for the customer to drill the holes in the wall for proper placement of the pieces.  Very nice customer to work with........

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Gate ordered from Louisana

Had a repeat customer from Louisana order a gate for his dad.  Gate was a gift to his dad.   You can guess that the gate is located in the Eastern area where dogs are used to hunt deer. 

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