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Custom Gate Insert

A friend who owns a gate and entrance business orderd some art to install on one of their custom gate builds.   I frequently get orders like this where someone would like to add some art or lettering to an existing gate or they are having a gate built but need some art or lettering to be added. This piece will be welded in place, then painted. 

Grace Bible Chapel Entrance Sign

Grace Bible Chapel needed some new lettering on their entrance sign. The letters were cut from 3/16" new plate steel and painted with an industral black paint. 


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Family Crest

This piece was ordered to go above the family fireplace. It is a Family Crest for Gallbraith name and says "Stronger When Oppressed".
It was cut from 3/16" new plate steel and will be painted dark bronze.

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Oak Tree Ranch Gate

This 20 foot Oak Tree spans across this ranch gate and stands 9 foot tall.  It is a fairly complex design with so much detail in the many branchs and leaves.  The tree is cut from 3/16" plate and welded to the gate which I also made.  The owner had a crew install the gate on location.

Rocking Armadillo

This unique overhead ranch sign belongs to the new ower of a ranch near George West, TX. The customer furnised his logo of a rocking armadillo which was cut from 3/16" plate steel.  Braces on the back side with strap steel for added strength.   

Freer ISD

Stoddard Construction of San Antonio has been rebuilding some of the Freer ISD buildings.  They wanted to give the school district this logo as a token of their appreciation for the contract.  The circle is 10 gauge steel and 60" in diameter.  The Buckaroo is cut from 3/16 plate.  Colors are school colors.

50th Wedding Anniversary

A close friend wanted to give her husband a gift for their 50th wedding annivesary. This plaque hangs above their fireplace mantle and displays the four family brands that they have used in the past and present.  The plaque is cut from 10 guage (1/8") to keep weight down and painted with a Rustoleum "Hammered" finish.

Florida Veterinary Clinic

Vet. clinic in Jacksonville, Florida originally had me make his logo for the outside of the clinic building but recently requested a similar piece be made for the inside.  Each piece is welded to the round circle and ground to a shinny finish.  Clear coated for protection. 

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Cuttin Chute Ranch Sign

The art that is shown has been sand blasted and painted with a two part paint.  The pieces have 3/8" threaded bolts welded to the back side and anchored into the masonry wall.  The Texas painted in Texas flag colors is 36" wide.  Cut out of 3/16" plate steel.  Beautiful South Texas entrance and I am proud to be part of it. 

Marlin fish adorned in Florida

I had an order from Florida for a marlin to be placed above the outdoor grill.  Upon receiving the unpainted fish, the customer found a local artist who ground the metal down to a shinny finish and then airbrushed the detail of the fish. Once the colors were added, several coats of clear coat where applied.  The finished product is amazing.

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Custom Fireplace Doors

Customer ordered a two door fireplace screen to mount in the opening he has for his fireplace.  Doors are made from 1' square tubing with 1"x3/16" flat bar rolled in scrolls.  A heavy screen wire is welded on the back side of the doors.  The frame was made first and the customer tried the frame in the opening to mark the holes for mounting and verify the size was correct.  The top picture is unpainted in my shop and the second is furnished by the customer after he installed it.

Wolf howling at the moon

Little girl loves wolves and this wall rack with hooks was ordered for her.  The piece is unpainted.  Has chrome hooks for hanging whatever.  Cut from 3/16" plate.

Baseball wall rack with hooks for glove, mitt and cap

Gift for young boy who is playing baseball.  This will give him a place to hang his baseball items. Cut from 3/16" and hooks are made from chrome plated steel.  This item has not been painted. 

Saquaro Cactus in Texas

Had a request for a saquaro cactus from a new Texan from California.  This cactus requires very little water and had a Texas roadrunner enjoying the small shade.  Welcome to Texas!

Windy Hill Ranch

Windy Hill Ranch is owned by some very nice Lousana people who own and operate a shimping business.  They bought this East Texas ranch and did a great job of building a nice entrance with the help of Torchcraft.  Who says Cajuns don't have good taste?

Barn art in Los Angeles, Texas

There is a new barn in the brush country with some art on the side that really looks good.  The customer asked for part of the pieces to be tempered and then they were painted and clear coated with a powder coating finish.  Very nice effect.  Very nice customer to work with. 

Whispering Pines in Colorado

This recent sign was sent to Colorado and is hanging on some really nice large wooden poles.  Cut from 3/16" plate and is about 10 feet wide. 

Large cross in Austin, Texas

This is not a recent creation.  I made this cross quite some time ago and noticed the picture the other day so I decided to publish it again.  This cross was copied from a photograph of a cross that the Oblates had erected in France in the 1800's.  It now overlooks the lake at a new Catholic church in Ausin, Texas.

Peace to All

Sign made for church yard. 

Coyote spoken here

This is just something that I made recenty and I am not finished with it.  I plan on placing some glass lamp lens along the front to hold candles.  For now, I am publishing the coyote  The arch is .75" square tubing that has been rolled in an arch.  Bottom is same tubing.

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