Whats happening at Torchcraft....

See whats happening at Torchcraft and what we've been working on.

Navy Seabees

This young Seabee was given a boot filled with concrete.  Apparently the Seabees have a since of humor.  He needed a handle for the ceremonial boot.  Since he was stationed in South Texas, he chose the state of Texas with the Seabees logo attached to the state.  The logo is welded on from the back side of the state and the logo is ground down to a shinny finish.   A top coat of clear coat protects the finish. 

Cowboy lineup!

The customer requested a gang of horseback riders.  Twenty seven riders to be exact.  This is going on their new home's exterior with lighting behind to show case the art.  Cut from 3/16" plate and has brackets to set it away from the wall approx 3 inches.  Picture shown is after the primer was sprayed on.  Top coat will be black.

Office wall name and company logo

Business in Pennsylvania wanted their company name and logo for the office wall. Cut from 3/16" plate and tempered with heat for the "hot iron colors", then clear coated to preserve the finish. 

Nest Feathers store front sign

A local merchant wanted to put her store name / logo on the front of her very old and unique store.  The store is one of the oldest building in down town Pleasanton.   A worth while stop and shop if you are in the area. 

Gate insert

Customer has a new gate being made and requested an insert to display his name, brand and reflection of their interests.  Gate builder will place this in the center section of new gate.  Hopefully, we will receive a picture back of the finished product. 

Incarnate Word

I made one of these several years ago for Incarnate Word in Brownsville.  This time it was ordered by a group of individuals as a donation.  This will be placed indoors. Cut from 3/16" plate steel.  Painted in copper and red colors. 

American Shooter Center

American Shooting Center in Houston is putting up an arch for photos to be taken by the winners of the shooting competition.   Arch is 12 feet wide.

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