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Joe Joe lives on!

Joe Joe was the beloved horse and long time friend of a girl in Illinois.  After Joe Joe passed away, she wanted to remember him in a metal silhouette on her barn.  The next blog posting will show the barn with a silhouette created from this photograph.

Down South -3

Other side of the entrance with wing art.  Ovals cut from 4' x 8' x 3/16" plate.

Down South-2

My blog will only allow one picture per posting, so here is the wing art to the Alemana Ranch. See next posting for other side.  These are ovals cut from a 4' x 8' x 3/16" plate. 


One of my favorite places!  15" tall letters above the entrance to the establishment. 

A great Place to Shoot. 

Home entrance rock wall

New home with rock wall winged entrance is graced with the name of the place. Cut from 3/16" place and mounted with anchors so that it can be removed (much later) for repainting. 

Down South

Ranch entrance design that is clean and impressive.  Near San Diego, Texas.  This is one of my all time favorites. 


Rancho Consuelo

Recently I posted a picture of the Rancho Consuelo sign in raw steel before painting. The customer was kind enough to send a picture of the sign mounted at his ranch in Rock Springs, Tx.  Great presentation.  Very different and a wonderful way to display his sign. 

Personalized candle holder

1/4" plate steel and a trip to the store for rings, votives and candles.   Not painted, natural steel with a clear coat sprayed on. 

The Dog Pen

When you build a pation/bbq/pool where the old dog pen used to be, you name it THE DOG PEN.  Pictured in the sign is a copy of a family lab that is well missed. 

Gate sign with Tractor and Dozer

Great way to get your address on the gate and advertise your business as well. 

New Jersey farm signs

Customer in New Jersey ordered two like signs for her dad's farm.  Shown with primer paint and was later top coated with Deep Rubbed Bronze.  

Rocksprings ranch sign

Ranch owner's family has special feelings about the little angles in the state outline. 

I always like windmills and the horseback rider reminds me of my day and his favorite

saddle horse, Joe. 

Ranch sign for Rocksprings

I liked the little boy and little girl angels in the State outline.  This was something special that has meaning to the land owners.  And, I always like windmills.  The cowboy is of a different generation and reminds me of my dad when he was horseback.

Sign for grand kids playground

Grand Dad built his grand children a playground and needed a sign to grace the entrance. Special times with special people.  Go Grand Dad!

American Shooting Center

American Shooting Center in Houston wanted to create a place for the photos of the shooting event winners.  They prepared a concrete pad and a nice setting with the pond in the back ground.  The metal pieces were taken to a sand blaster in Boerne and powder coated to combat the Houston elements. 

Smokin' Switch Cain remembered

We had the sad occasion of making a grave marker for a great Lab a few years back and now the son of that dog was lost also.  People who appreciate dogs in this way have a lot of heart.   Great dogs are never forgotten. 

Vera Cruz Mountain Ranch

Everyone knows that New Mexico is an art state.  This is what happens when Texans go to their Ruidoso ranch and get creative with their black silhouette ranch sign.  This sign came "ALIVE" with colors!   Very nice.  

Vera Cruz Mountain Ranch - Ruidoso, New Mexico

Had the opportunity to creat a sign for a good friend who purchased a ranch out of Ruidoso, New Mexico.  The ranch is among the Vera Cruz Mountain range and the sign reflects that range in it's design.   Also reflected is all of the critters that live on that range and of course the famous Kokopelli doing all of the Kokopelli things that they do on that ranch.  It is a beautiful area and I got the pleasure of going there and seeing the sign grace the ranch headquarters.  

Tannerite Shooting Target - Metal Art

How to have a bang with your target shooting.   This is an elephant cut out of AR plate.  There is a quarter size hole for a target bulls eye.  Behind the hole on the back side is a tub of Tannerite exploding target material.  When a bullet of 223 size or larger is placed in the target hole and the Tannerite is exploded, it is a real thrill.  Maybe not as much as a real hunt but very impressive.  The animal is mounted on springs to allow it to reposition itself after normal hits but you need to really anchor it down for the explosion to hold it in place.  I haven't marketed these but made it for personal use. 



Gate sign with bass and name

House/farm gate with owners passion and name attached. 

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