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See whats happening at Torchcraft and what we've been working on.

Hill Country cap rack/hat rack

This cap/hat rack has turkeys.  Four of them.  Two in flight and two on the ground.  Lots of turkeys around this new home and now it sports a Torchcraft fireplace screen and a cap/hat rack.  The rack has 410 gauge shotgun shells for hangers. 

Gift for a friend in Tennessee

Well, I am in full agreement.   When you need to show your appreciation to a friend, what better way than to call up Torchcraft and have a custom made wall art to express that gratitude.  This one is cut out of 3/16" plate and shown after it was primed.  Finish color was black. 

House sign for South Carolina

This sign represents the Texas bluebonnets and Florida's state wild flower, the coreopsis.  Hummingbird is local South Carolinan????   Cut from 3/16" plate and shown after a coat of primer was applied.  The top coat will be black. 

Fireplace now in it's new home

This fireplace found it's home and looks really good on the rock .  A fairly large fireplace, the screen is not light weight but presents the ranch brand and the game that the owners like. 

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Custom Fireplace Screen

Large fireplace screen ordered with wildlife scene and ranch brand included.   Scene is cut from 10 gauge steel.  Heavy screen woven wire and framed on the back side with 1.5"x1.5"x.125" angle.  Will add the two feet in the front and one in the back, along with the two handles and paint with high temp black paint. 

Vaquero "El Bigoton"

Long before the land men, working in the Eagle Ford Shale came to this country, the Mexican vaquero rode his caballo out of Mexico, across the "wild horse desert" and on to Mission San Antonio.   I am fairly sure that the dinner plate size saddle horn on those Mexican saddles had a GPS mounted in it for directions.   Or,,,, maybe not.  Either way, that style of cowboy,  horse and tack is not to be mistaken.  It is puro Vaquero.   A real horseman and cowboy.  This particular one is named  "El Bigoton"  for the big bigote, (mustache). 

This piece is 28" tall and 53" wide.  Hand cut from 10 gauge steel so it can be hung on a sheetrock wall. 

Owen Oasis

I love making customers happy, however, I believe these two are happy with or without my metal art.  The wife wanted to surprise her husband with a sign to mount on the storage building of their new RV spot on the Texas Coast.  Well, it looks like it worked and it was a joy to make the metal art  and working with them.


Vineyard Sign for the Williams Ranch

Just cut and waiting for the clean up and painting.  This sign will be hung at the entrance of the ranch by chains.  Two chain links will be welded to the top arch for hanging.  Metal is 3/16" thick. 

Sign for RV spot on coast

We have a sign for a customer who has recently aquired an interest in going to the coast with her husband in their RV.  Needed a name on the storage shed.  This sign is regular steel but is primed, painted and clear coated for extra protection against the coastal environment. 


Had a really interesting order for a 48" tall heart.  Iniitals to represent the husband and the wife's names and the reverse cut letters of "I LOVE YOU" in the middle of the heart.  This heart was going to be hung 40 feet high in the fork of a tall tree outside their home.  An LED light would be on the back side of the heart and the small holes drilled around the border would highlight the shape of the heart at night.   The initials painted a light color to show up at night on the brown base.

The heart was a birthday gift for the wife and after getting to know the husband, I believe it was true love.  But it is certainly good insurance, anyway. 


Personalized Horseshoe Bookends

Horseshoes bookends with names have been a long time gift item.  It's a great gift that is personalized with the person's name, brand or initials. This set is an order from a long standing customer that always orders these for wedding gifts.  They can be made with two horseshoes to serve as a letter holder.

Roadrunner Gate

Gate is located near Three Rivers, Texas.  I get to enjoy looking at my work when I go to Choke Canyon to fish.

Flying Diamond Ranch

Near Lampasas Texas I recently noticed a sign that I created many years ago. Spanish wording for Flying Diamond Ranch.

BP Ranch gate near Johnson City, Texas

When this sign was ordered last year, I thought it was for British Petroleum but it turns out to be the owners initials.  Either way, it was mounted in their gate and looks very nice.  It nicely represents the state of South Texas at this time with the oil boom in full swing.

State of Texas with brand mounted

This is a great gift idea for anyone with a brand or someone who wants a brand. The brand is created and mounted on a base.  In this case the base is the state of Texas and tempered with heat to give it the colors.  A wall hanger is mounted on the back side for hanging on a wall.  A great Christmas gift for the person that is hard to buy for?

Durango Colorado sign - Ranch Gate Entrance

Durango sign was hung and I am most proud of having a part in it.  Looks really like a Colorado sign should look like.  Cut from the 3/16" plate and braced in the back with 1/8" by 2" strap steel. 

New Mexico ranch direction sign

Last year I was pleased to create a ranch sign for the Vera Cruz Mountain Ranch. This year, a sign was needed to direct the visitors to the ranch headquarters.

Painted in colors that would show well at night with headlights.

Rock sign

Pipeline company has a yard in South Texas has brought class to Encinal Texas. Somewhere in there, there is an Aggie influence.

Looks very good and a great entrance presentation. 

Durango Colorado sign

Really have enjoyed creating the Colorado scene.  Not all my doing on the design.  The owner and his family had he concept and with a lot of pushing and pulling, they finally got me on board as to what they had in mind.  Will paint black and ship out soon.

Joe Joe silhouette on barn

Above is the metal silhouette of Joe Joe, the beloved horse who has gone on but will be remembered.

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