Whats happening at Torchcraft....

See whats happening at Torchcraft and what we've been working on.

Meadowview Farms sign

This refreshing sign is about 40" wide and just looks right for a farm sign.  What is a farm without chickens? 

Farm Sign

Farm sign that displays a nice 12 point buck, an old John Deere tractor with cow and calf pair.  Holes drilled for mounting and cut from 3/16" plate steel.

Office sign for hanging over an office door

Here is an old fashion type sign that was mounted over and by the door to an office.   I remember the signs that hung under the sidewalk awnings and as  kids we would always jump up and slap the signs as we walk down the side walk in from of the stores.  Hopefully, this one will hold up to that. 

Circle B Ranch

The Circle B Ranch sign that is hanging in the shop area is a custom sign for a California customer who said his family was a five horse family.  Sign is cut from the typical 3/16" plate and painted black with the Rustoleum black hammered finish paint. 


Hog hunting with dogs

Hog hunting has long been a South Texas sport whereby dogs are used to hunt, bay and catch wild hogs.  Can be a very rough sport as the hogs have sharp teeth and dogs do fall victim to the charge of the hog from time to time.  Most hog hunters are fair hands at stiching up cuts and some require vets for the job.  Good hog dogs are valued and well maintained.  Each dog may have a specialty job during the hunt but it is a team effort which includes the hunters. Most land owners are very happy to have the hogs removed as they cause a lot of damage to crops and land. 

Cowboys in Cotulla Texas rope their hogs!

Although it is not common for local cowboys to rope hogs/pigs, it has been done.  The problem occurs after you make the catch.  Now what to do with him?  This piece was created for the La Salle county fair and hog cookoff as an auction piece.  Withs a full belly of wild hog and a few cold beers, the piece may bring a fair amount.  Cut from the normal 3/16" plate and painted black. 

La Salle County Fair and Hog Cookoff

I am guessing that this is the 23rd year that Torchcraft has created the trophies for the hog cookoff in Cotulla, Texas.  There are some others but not included in this picture.  Each hog is set on a Texas base and a brass plaque will be added to each one representing the award given.  Some of the steady winners must have a collections of these by now but we keep making them each year. 

Captain Paul name plate

Coastal guide, Capt. Paul has his name cut into the body of the fish.  Cut from 3/16" plate and tempered for various colors.  Fish is clear coated and made to be displayed indoors. 

Rafter 10

Cutest barn in South Texas.  Home to some cute ponies that pull carts, buggies and wagons.  Brand was a Christmas gift from the husband to the wife.  Cut from 1/8" plate and painted with Rustoleum hammered finish black paint. 

JJ O'Connell Company

Company name but out of 3/16" plate steel and 1/4" studs welded to the back side for mounting on a decorative concrete wall. 
I am totally amazed that the customer could mount all of the pieces in such perfect fashion.  The iron was taken to a powder coating company for sand blasting and coating.  Should last a very long time and really looks nice.  I was honored to have a part in this project. 

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Large Outdoor Fireplace Screen 44"x44"

A repeat customer built a beautiful outdoor fireplace for which he needed a screen for.  The opening is rather large, 44"x44".  The customers last name is Vrana and he informed me that he wanted a crow scene because crow in Czech is vrana!  I have a special love for crows as I actually had a crow for a pet at one time.  The crow is sitting on my shoulder in the picture below. 

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Guadalupe Brewing

Super neat job for a customer who wanted to give this to his friend who started his own brewing company.  The brewing company is Guadalupe Brewing Co. in New Braunfels, TX.  The logo is a cowboy riding/rowing a keg of beer down the Guadalupe River.  The brewing logo was cut from 3/16" plate steel, tempered and clear coated.

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Gate sign for the K Bar Ranch

Customer designed his sign and it is one of my favorites.  I like the old cow head with turned down horns.  I also remember the K Bar pocket knives that were popular when I was young.  This piece was cut from 1/4" plate, painted black and has welding tabs on the back side for welding to the gate. 

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Mariner design for a towboat captian

A visitor from the coastal area, came to my store and requested a piece made to replicate the gold medallion that hung from his necklace.  The man is a towboat captian who pushes barges up and down the waterways.  Sometimes, these barges extend to 750 feet in length.  Definitely have to plan to drive that train.  The art piece that was made is 30" in diameter.  The Christ figure is a separate piece which is bolted onto the art with stainless hardware. It is to be mounted on their home where they have had lighting installed to highlight the art as a symbol of their Christain belief.

Elephants in South Texas

Well there have never been many elephants in South Texas but I liked the silhouette of this elephant and the typical African tree.  Made a nice lamp and it is a nice change from the many whitetail and domestic critters that usually get named on such projects.  The lamp shade is my wife's selection. 

New Mexico gate art

Customer wanted some art on a gate he was building.  Old tractor, milo and his father in law's Piper Lance airplane.  That cold scene is in New Mexico.

Truck Headache Rack Name Plate

Recent order for last name cut out of 3/16" plate to be mounted on the back of work truck.  Painted white to match the truck cab and looks very nice on the black headache frame.  Notice it was mounted high enough to not block the rearview of the driver. 

Torchcraft Gate with new saddle color

The gate that I built for display out in front of the store, kept having a problem with the color of the saddle for being visable from the interstate highway. First, I painted the saddle red like the lettering and it just didn't contrast with the background.   Secondly, I painted the saddle silver to see if I could get a better contrast.  Still didn't have the "Pop" that I needed.  Well, guess what, YELLOW seems to bring out the look that is well displayed and visible.  The saddle and lettering is cut from 1/8" plate to keep the weight down on the gate. 

The Wildlife photographer provides a better picture

Well, the photographer came forward with a much better picture of his rig.  This truck can go anywhere and look good doing it.  Torchcraft art welded on the back of his headache rack as well as the custom tailgate.  Not only can this guy shoot a camera but he can fabricate too.   Again, I am honored that he has chosen to display my art in such a unique way.  Thanks Eddie

Hopper sign is now mounted

Here is the The Hopper sign mounted and I sure do like the way it turned out.  What a neat way to display your sign. The name sign is a perfect display in front of the home.  Hung by chains from a stand that once held a flag pole.

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