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Wedding gift

Received order from a custom for a ranch sign to be given for a wedding gift.  Horseshoes were used for hangers.  Sign cut from 3/1`6" plate.  Primed and painted black.

Realtor orders gift for customer

Realtor wanted to give their client a gift for the new property that they bought.  The couples initals are cut in each star.  The entire piece is cut from 3/16" plate.  Drilled for wall mounting. 

Race car medal holder

Race car driver who's nickname must be Rhino, wanted a display for his medals.  The piece has the rhino on top with three steel rings to hold rods.  The medals which have ribbons tied to them, are hung from the rods. 

Risner Boys Family Cutout

A recent request from a customer who wanted his 5 sons silhouette's cut out for a family sign that he was giving to his wife for her birthday..  The picture supplied by the customer was perfect for silhouettes and turned out very good.  Cut from 3/16" plate.  Primed with automotive etching primer and top coated with industrial black enamel.  Finished product photo was taken in my shop.  

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Script lettering

Cut from 3/16" plate and top side is ground to a shinny finish.  The photo shows the lettering in scattered fashion on a table top, in order to take the photo.    The customer will weld pins on the back side for mounting and clear coat the metal to maintain the silver shine. 

T and A Ranch sign

The owners of the ranch that this sign was made for actually have names that start with T and A, but the running joke is the basis of the art in the sign.  This sign is 48" wide.  Braced in the back with 1"X3/16" flat iron.  Sign was primed with automotive etching primer and top coated with industrial black enamel.  Chain links were welded on far left and far right corners.  Going to Oregon.

Austin address signs for buildings

Austin customer ordered address signs cut from 3/16" plate, with lettering and numbers cut in reverse.  They will be set in a recessed area of the brick and lighting behind. 

Fair Oaks sign mounted with lighting

I recently posted a picture of the Fair Oaks Ranch sign while it was still in my shop.  It is now mounted and has lighting.  This is really a nice and shows up very well with the lights. 

Giddins Texas gate

Customer from Giddins bought art for his ranch gate and recently sent pictures of the gate with all of the art mounted.  It really looks good to me.  I like all of the game that is represented on that ranch.  I really do appreciate it when customers send their photos so I can post to my blog.

Praying cowboy and cowgirl with saddle horses and dog

The praying cowboy is a very common scene but this scene brings the cowgirl to the cross as well.  The two saddle horses and the dog complete the scene.  This piece is cut from 3/16" plate steel and welded to an entrance gate.  

Steer head with name across horns

Longhorn steer head with name across the horns is always a popular sign display for a ranch entrance. 

Little cowboy and cowgirl angels with horseshoe hangers

This set up is made to hang whatever but it is enspired by two little real people and cat named LoLo.  The little boy is two years old and LoLo is in his sights.  The little girl is too new to care.  Although they probably have wings, I haven't seen them.  LoLo keeps a close eye as a wise cat will do.  The horseshoe/ hooks are made from pony shoes.  

Fair Oaks Country Club and Golf

Ten feet in width by 30" tall is a sign cut for Boerne, Texas country club.  It was mounted on a masonry wall and I am waiting for the picture of the finished product.  It was mentioned that it might be hung unfinished.  The masonry work was done by Lundberg Masonry of Boerne, Texas. 

Fantasy Farm entrance sign

Headed to North Florida for the gate topper to Fantasy Farms.  Cut from 3/16 and ribbed on the back side to give it strength. 


Sign going to Puerto Rico (Rich Port)

Had to look it up but Finca is farm or property.  This particular sign goes to a coffee plantation in Puerto Rico.  It displays "the farm of Pagan".  Mountains and prize roosters raised on this farm set the design.  To be mounted on the entrance gate and hand carried on an airline to it's destination.  Again, the thickness of the metal is 3/16" and will be painted black. 

Salado Family Farm sign

As the dates on the sign indicate, they have achieved their 100 year mark of holding on the family farm.  The customer provided an old photo of the tree from back in the day and it also had a horse and buggy in the photo.  Although the tree is a direct copy the horse and buggy design was substitued to spread the sign out in width.  Apparently the place is referred to as the Family Farm.  People are to be commended for keeping the places in the same family.  I once talked to a lady who said her grand dad placed the old farm in a corporation so that no hier could sell off any of it.  He said that he and his family had worked and suffered way to long for some XXX to sell it and buy a boat!

Ranch sign with Texas state outline and star

Another design by the customer.  I like to shoot the pictures before the torch is turned off.  It may not appeal to you the viewer but it just rewards me that I can cut these signs with a regular hand held torch.  Yes, I am rolling around in it like a dog that found a dead coon.  They claim that action is a hold over from early animal hunting instinct to mask their odor in order to hunt better but I tend to think the dog just likes to be a little "macho" and show off his new smell.  Probably makes up a good story to go along with it the odor. 

Reflective vinyl used on the address numbers

Metal address numbers are cut out and painted black.  In order to make the address visible at night, I have applied a very high grade 3M vinyl of reflective letters over the numbers but in a reduced size.  Very visible at night and very important for emergency situations.  There were two of these created to place one on either side of the ranch entrance for traffic coming from either direction.

Rancho de JMG

Totally designed by the customer (wife I believe) but it really looks good.  Very creative and unique.  Nice rance entrance sign design.

House name plate with bull elk

This order from from a family member who requested the name sign to give to a good friend that guided his mule deer hunt in Utah this year.  Cut from the normal 3/16" plate and holes drilled for mounting to the house.  Generally, it is suggested that some stainless steel washers are used to maintain a gap between the sign and the wall to avoid moisture from gathering between the two surfaces.  Stainless screws are recommended as well.

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