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Mew Ranch - South Texas Hunting Ranch

If you drift down to San Diego Texas, where the Big Bucks roam, look for the Mew Ranch. I have made a new friend and customer who has a nice ranch and offers hunting of all kinds.  You can visit the Mew Ranch website at www.southtexashuntingservice.com

Buying Torchcraft metal art when riding motorcycles

A fun couple dropped in the store the other day while out riding their bikes on the labor day weekend.  Turned out they bought a couple of pieces and the question came up as to how they would manage to get it home since they were on their bikes.  They managed to get one item in a saddle bag  and the larger item was attached to the back of the seat rack with shrink wrap and packing tape.  I enjoyed these two and hope they come back someday.  

Ward Farms in Mississippi

Eight foot overhead sign to hand at entrance.  Cut from 3/16" plate steel.  Primed and painted. 

Dreamcatcher with pet head silhouettes hanging

A super nice couple from Oregon came into the store recently and ordered a dreamcatcher to be made with the silhouetts of a lab and sheppard who had gone on.  This was to be a gift for their son who lives in South Texas.  We ended up adding a third dog that is still with their son.  The dog silhouettes were copied from photos that they had.  It took some tweaking to get the heads right but we finally managed to get the right look and stance.  I very much enjoyed meeting and working with the folks.  Hope they will return someday.  

West Texas Wall Art

Customer in Big Springs Texas, who has ordered several times before, needed signage on a rock wall at his home. 

Customer's design (his wife's ) but it sure looks good.  You can see the great city of Big Springs in the background. 

Always good to hear from Big Springs. 

End table with mesquite top and metal art

Over the years I have accumulated several good friends that started out as customers.  This is an end table that a good friend/customer from Rock Port put together with mesquite wood for the top.  Beautiful work.  Whitetail deer and quail are featured on this one. 

Chama New Mexico ranch gate insert

Previously posted is the insert to the other half of the gate being built for the hunting ranch.  This is the same size of just under 8 feet wide and cut from 1/8" plate steel.  The entire piece is cut from one sheet of steel.  It will be taken to Chama, welded into the gate and painted. 

Chama New Mexico ranch gate insert

A large gate is being built for the hunting ranch in Chama New Mexico.  This scene will be an insert on half of the gate.  Across the top of the gate will be an eagle, trout, mountain lion and turkeys.  The bottom of the gate has two large windows.  The sign shown here is a little less than 8 feet wide and cut out of 1/8" plate steel.  The trees and mountain scene is a general copy of art that the ranch owner already owns and is hanging in the lodge.  The other side of the gate is the same scene reversed and has an elk bull with two cows. 

New Wine Church

New Wine Church near Poteet, Texas.  Beautiful new building with a nice cross on the front and an arched entrance with their name across the top. 


Steinle Ranch in Clayton New Mexico

Ranch is located in Clayton, New Mexico.   All of the critters included in this sign are native to that country.  The only animals that are not included is a mountain lion and antelope.  There are plenty of antelope and some really impressive ones.    I really enjoyed putting this sign together as the customer who ordered it listed the items that he wanted included and I got to design it as I saw it.  The sign was a gift from a genuine friend.  Size is about 6 feet wide and cut from 3/16".  The cactus bush to the right of the coyote is called "Cholla".  Right now the cactus is in bloom with beautiful purple blooms.  The tree is a pinion tree.  The country is heavy with jack rabbits, so they are proudly displayed on each side of the ranch brand.  I have been to the ranch recently and it is a beautiful.

Elizita Ranch in South Texas

Ranch in South Texas is remodeling their entrance.   I was asked to cut the name and quail.  I am glad to see quail in the picture as quail are getting hard to find in South Texas.  Cut from 3/16" plate, primed and painted.

Chama New Mexico gate insert 2

This is the second insert made for the Chama New Mexico gate.  The first insert features an elk bull and two cows.  This insert features mule deer buck with doe and two more mule deer bucks.  The basic design is copied from a wall hanging that the customer has in his lodge.

Chama New Mexico gate insert

The gate that this insert goes on is is a very large gate.  Each side will have an insert and critters across the top.  This insert is about 41" tall by 91" wide.  Cut from 11 gauge (1/8") plate for the weight consideration.  Each insert weighs about 50 lbs.  Gate will be located on a 6,000 acre ranch in Chama New Mexico.


Order came from Virgina.  Couple sent a picture of themselves which became the center piece of the overhead sign.  The sign was sent to two pieces to minimize freight.  It looks really nice the way it is installed.   I hope that dream continues for a long time. 

77 KRUSE CREEK ROAD address sign

Customer in Wyoming ordered a sign that needed to be 24" by 24".  This is hard to see in the photo but it is painted brown and made from 3/16" plate steel with holes drilled in all four corners. 


KNC Ranch Entrance Gate Sign

Years fly by.  This ranch entrance was prepared for an old friend's son who was very young when I first met him.  Grew up and now has a place of his own.  This is his design and I was please to make it for him.  Cut from 3/16" plate steel.  Primed and painted.  The three pieces are welded in place with welding tabs to keep the lettering up and off the main pipe.  Really looks good to me.  

Barn scene of praying cowboy with lighting installed

Previous posting showed the barn scene during daylight hours.  This picture shows how it "pops" when night lights are mounted.  Very nice display. 

Barn scene - Barn Scene

Barn with scene mounted on outside wall.  Cut from 1/8" plate steel, primed and painted black.  This scene was mounted so that lights are mounted to highlight each piece.  Next posting will show that display.  


California Ranch Sign

The best part of this sign job was who I did it for.  The man is Fred Vellutini, a World War II veteran who could pass for a 50 year old.  As I only talked to him on the phone, I was really surprised to learn his age.  He owns property in Northern California and we had a really good conversation during the ordering of the ranch sign.  He had to satisfiy all of the members of his family and this is what he came up with.  The best part of the conversaion was when he told me that he was out having dinner while wearing his WW II hat.  Some man walked by and asked him if that hat belonged to his dad.  Fred said "no sir, my dad was in World War I.....he had his own hat!"   Too cool.  Super nice and I hope he gets to enjoy that ranch for many years to come.

Custom Card Holder

Cardholder was custom made according to the customer's directioin.  State of Texas cut from 1/8" plate steel and tempered finish added.  The name is placed on top of the state and welded in place.  The card holder is mounted on a large horseshoe.  Horseshoe nails are welded on the sides of the card holder to keep the cards in place.  The entire piece is clear coated. 

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