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1/4" thick Family Logo


This family logo is 36" x 36" and cut from a heavy 1/4" thick steel.  The connection between the "B" and the circle is the weak point in the design so we elected to use a heavier than normal 1/4" thick steel for provide ex

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Custom Brackets


This customer needed some curved brackets to fit a 9.5" horizontal log that was across his entrance.  For this project, the sign, brackets and bolts were all blasted and powder coated to match.  Carriage bolts (not pictured) were used to provide a low profile connection between the sign and brackets. 

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Southern Land


Our customer needed some help finishing up his entrance.  All pieces were cut from 3/16" plate, blasted and powder coated.  The arrowheads connecting the top horizontal beam to the uprights was a nice touch.  They did a great job with this project.  I'm glad that we could help out with the metal work. 

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Shenkir Ranch


This ranch sign was cut from 3/16" plate.  Our customer gets high winds in the area and didn't want the sign blowing around too much.  The heavy 3/16" plate helps a lot with that, plus we welded extra chainlinks to the bottom corners for 2 extra connection points. 

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Flying B Ranch - Arizona

Flying B Ranch

As a couple of avaition enthousiast, we love doing work for other avaition pros / enthousiast.  The Flying B Ranch was cut from 3/16" steel and blasted / powder coated in traditional black.

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Zerlotti - Horse Genetics

Zerlotti Zerlotti

Zerlotti - Horse Genetics - wanted to add their name and logo to their existing gate and entrance.  The large "Z's" were cut from 1/8" to keep weight down on the gate.   The lettering / logo was cut from 3/16 and installed in the stone.

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Blessed Hope Ranch

Blessed Hope Ranch Blessed Hope Ranch

We do a lot of black powder coating on our signs but sometimes White is the way to go.   This sign really stands out. We do a lot of black powder coating on our signs but sometimes White is the way to go.   This sign really stands out!  Our customer provided the measurements for hole placement that aligned with the gate structure.

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Corten Address Sign

Corten Address Sign Corten Address Sign

This customer wanted a bold address sign with a natural rust finish.  This was cut from 3/16" corten steel, also known as "weathering steel".   It was sandblasted which removes the millscale for a quick rust finish and will never rust though. Thats the beauty of corten steel. 

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The Last Waltz - Pleasanton, TX


Here is a classic entrance that I created for a customer in the Pleasanton, TX area.  This was made many years ago but I just realize that it never made it onto my website. 

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Durando Ranch, Labelle Florida


The Durando Ranch is in the North Fort Myers Florida area.  Most of the signs we do end up with a black powder coat.  Every now and then we'll do a white powder coat and it always looks great and stands out well. It's always important to consider the background and try to envision how visible the sign will be against the contrasting background colors. 

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The late Gene Romero, "Burritto"


The late Gene Romero, "Burritto" is honored on this ranch gate in Arroyo Grande California.  The Burritto was one of the worlds top motorcycle racers in the 60's and 70's with his biggest win in 1975 at the Daytona 200.

Each piece was cut from 3/16" steel, and shipped in 2 packages to California. Once welded in place, it was painted 

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Cinco B Ranch Sign


Good looking sign that was cut from 3/16" steel.  Shipped unfinished so it could be welded in place then painted. 

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Sunrise Village - San Antonio, TX


Sunrise Village wanted some rustic / rusty signs to install at their beautiful entrance to their subdivision.  While rust color powder coat looks beautiful, nothing looks as real as natural rust patina.  Each sign is cut from corten steel, which will only rust on the surface. These signs were sandblasted for a quick rust patina. They did a great job with this entrance and I'm glad to play a part in the build.

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Doodle Ranch - Colorado


The Doodle Ranch sign measures 72" wide cut from 3/16" steel plate and some bracing on the backside for added strenght. Sand blasted and powder coated black....

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Ride Off Ranch - California


A 3 piece sign that went out to Santa Rosa California featuring their ranch name, address and logo.  For prespective, the arching name is 109" wide.   All cut from 3/16" thick steel.

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Kinney County TX


The Kinney County Appraisal office in Brackettville, TX orderd 2 of these signs for their office building.  Both cut from 3/16" steel, sand blasted and powder coated in black.   Below is the their logo that was used to create the metal sign.

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El Rorro Ranch Gate


I'm glad to be a part of this ranch gate build.  My customer contacted me with a picture of her husband standing on a horse that she wanted to have recreated into a silhouette metal cut out.  She had someone build the gate and do the install, she just needed the art for the center of the gate. The entire entrance turned out absolutely beautiful!

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Dog Leg Ranch - Amarillo, TX - 8 Foot Antlers


This ranch is located in the TX panhandle near Amarillo.  The sign was shipped in multiple pieces, welded in place on location and painted.  The antlers measure about 4 foot X 8 foot so bracing was added to the backside to counteract the high winds that they get in that part of the country. I love the colors they chose. It should really stand out.


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Iron Mills Ranch Sign - Washington


Classic ranch sign design that was sent to Washington.  If you have access to a welder, you can easly weld the pieces together on location.  This allows you to have the size sign you want without spending a small fortune on shipping.  (Kinda looks like "The Ranch" entrance sign on Netflix)

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South Texas scene in Michigan


This is a classic South Texas scene that I shipped to a customer in Michigan. Cut from 3/16" steel, sand blasted and powder coated in black.  Two chain links welded on each side for hanging.

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Texas Welcome Sign


Texas welcome sign was cut from 1/8", sand blasted and powder coated.  Small mounting holes easily attaches the sign to a will with some outdoor grade screws.

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4 L R


 The 4 Landry Ranch sign was cut from 3/16", sandblasted and powder coated black. 

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My customer said that his father had to high fence his garden to keep unwanted critters out.  They nicknamed his garden "Okratraz".  He must have done a great job beefing up the security. 

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Golden Sunset Farm - East Hampton, CT


Easy to see why they named their Farm "Golden Sunset" in East Hampton, Connecticut.  This sign was cut from 3/16" steel.  Bracing was added to the back side for rigidity.  Sand blasted, powder coated black, crated and shipped. 

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Camp Bobaloo Galvanized


Here is one way to truely protect your sign.  Hot dip galvanized steel is the ultimate in metal protection and it looks great at Camp Bobaloo.

This sign was cut from 3/16".  My customer had the sign galvanized after he had recieved it.

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Lone Star Ranch Sign


This ranch sign is 46" wide and  features a Texas sized Lone Star with the couples names, date of their marriage and their college logo.  This sign was sand blasted and powder coated black however the only picture I have is prior to the powder coating.

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Rancho Padre Viejo - Ranch Sign


Rancho Padre Viejo (Old Father Ranch). Great Ranch name and very fitting for my customers last name.  These two bucks were copies of 2 of the largest buck taken off this ranch.  My customer emailed pictures of each buck.  I was able to copy and reproduce them on this metal ranch sign.

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Papalote Ranch


Papalote is the spanish word for windmill. This sign was around 10 foot long.  Some bracing was welded on the back side and it was shipped raw steel.  My customer was going to have it hot dip galvanized since it was going to the Texas coastal area. 

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Classic Texas Sign


2 Piece sign set, both cut from 3/16" steel, blasted and powder coated brown. 

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Golf / Fishing House Sign


Two of the best things in life, golfing and fishing.  Mosty fishing.  This sign was cut from 1/8" steel, sand blasted and powder coated.

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