Western metal art is an exciting theme of metal artwork. Whether you are decorating a cabin, ranch, or your home, western metal art can enhance any setting. Western themes of metal art provide a relaxing familiar feel. Western metal art provides a countryside purity of cleanliness and purity.  A metal art cut out of two cowboys on the western front.  On the right, the horseback riders were transformed into metal artwork. On the metal artwork, horseshoe hooks are set so that one may hang a hat or coat. This particular piece represents a bond between a father and a son. The metal art was created in honor of the son's father.

Other Western metal artwork is used for inside decorations, fireplace screens, ranch gates, entrances, signs, and metal wall art. Bring the old west alive with a custom metal sign that will welcome your guests, like the below example.

Western Art

The Wardlaw metal address sign is an example that can be mounted on the outside of the house in an ideal place. Not only does this metal sign present the name of the homeowners but also exhibits their western background

Wardlaw Western Art

These are only a few of the many pieces of western metal art that has been produced by Torchcraft. Jerry always likes to hear about your custom ideas, especially for western metal art. If you have an idea about custom metal art that you would like to discuss, Jerry would love to hear from you. Remember, Torchcraft products are carefully manufactured with experience of more than 30 years of metal artwork production.

We invite you to browse around the site a little more to find more western metal art. Western artwork is integrated into many metal art signs throughout the Web site as well as the in-store only scrapbook. Stop by the store location some time to view hundreds more metal art designs that have been created over the years, and we can discuss your western metal art ideas.

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The Torchcraft Difference....

Torchcraft cuts most outdoor signs from 3/16-inch (7 gauge) new plate steel.  Indoor signs may be cut from 1/8-inch steel.  It's easy to see from the photo the difference in thickness of Torchcraft steel vs the "other guys".  Most other artist cut from a flimsy 14 gauge steel such as the one pictured above that I picked up from a local art show.  When you think about your metal sign, do you want one as thick as a paper clip or one that is 109% Thicker?

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