Many items created at Torchcraft become shelf art. In other words, the hand cut metal silhouette stands on a shelf.

Popular Hand Cut Metal Silhouettes

Popular items of this nature are horses, dogs, cats, whitetail bucks, does, elk, moose, game birds, cattle, hogs, sports figures and traditional sun/moon items. Birds are also popular such as cardinals, quail, dove, eagles and owls. Another popular group is fish--especially the salt water fish for sport fisherman. Reds, trout, sailfish and marlins are always a staple in my showroom due to their popularity.

Heat Treated / Tempered Finish Recommended for Indoor Signs

The finish on some items, most commonly the fish, are heat treated or “tempered.” This gives the steel a distinct shine that incorporates different hues of blues and reds. Even though a high quality clear coat is used to seal the metal, I only recommend this finish for indoor signs.

Shelf Art Makes Great Gifts

Many shelf art items are often bought as gifts for others with a new home or office. Because they are all custom, the item can easily depict someone’s special interest. For a personal touch, a name, initials or brand can usually be incorporated into the design.

Most of the metal that is used for shelf art is either 1/8” or 3/16” plate steel. Everything at Torchcraft is hand cut with a cutting torch. Torchcraft keeps a wide range of items so a person shopping for a gift can usually find something in their interest or can order something tailored to their idea. Often, people will combine their own ideas or touches with something they see on the showroom floor, but I keep many items ready to purchase as-is.

Here are some photos to give you some ideas about what you might like best:



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The Torchcraft Difference....

Torchcraft cuts most outdoor signs from 3/16-inch (7 gauge) new plate steel.  Indoor signs may be cut from 1/8-inch steel.  It's easy to see from the photo the difference in thickness of Torchcraft steel vs the "other guys".  Most other artist cut from a flimsy 14 gauge steel such as the one pictured above that I picked up from a local art show.  When you think about your metal sign, do you want one as thick as a paper clip or one that is 109% Thicker?

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