There are so many different ways that you can practically use custom metal art work. Interesting ideas include western metal art saddle racks, cowboy metal art napkin and paper towel holders, or a western metal poker art table. Again, the possibilities are limited to your imagination.

Custom Metal Art Chandeliers, Lamps and Hat Racks

Custom metal art chandeliers and lamps are a stylish addition to any room, whether it’s a wagon wheel, western chandelier, a nice tall lamp, or even a hat rack. Metal art hat racks, coat racks and shooting targets are really popular with hunters and ranchers. Often, customers will request the hangers to be made of shotgun or rifle shells to give it an extra outdoorsy flare.

Branding Irons

Branding irons are a common order. Each iron is made to order and utilizing the ¼” by 1” strap steel for the brand itself. A handle is welding on the brand and it is long enough to keep you away from the heat.  Just about everyone has a brand.  It may be a working brand that is registered in your county or just a brand that you like and want to display. One of the favorite applications is your brand without a handle but placed on a plaque that has been tempered. This makes a wonderful wall piece, either by itself or combined with the hooks for coat/cap rack.

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The Torchcraft Difference....

Torchcraft cuts most outdoor signs from 3/16-inch (7 gauge) new plate steel.  Indoor signs may be cut from 1/8-inch steel.  It's easy to see from the photo the difference in thickness of Torchcraft steel vs the "other guys".  Most other artist cut from a flimsy 14 gauge steel such as the one pictured above that I picked up from a local art show.  When you think about your metal sign, do you want one as thick as a paper clip or one that is 109% Thicker?

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