Custom Fireplace Screens

The sun is starting to set and the cool evening breeze is picking up. Everyone slowly trickles into the kitchen, taking in the smell of hot cider on the stove. Someone brings in logs for the fireplace. You hear the comforting crackle of each log as it lights, and the subtle woodsy aroma comforts you with each inhale. After dinner, everyone settles into the living room which is dim except for the vibrant light given off by the steadily burning fire. You stare into the beauty of the fire through your custom fireplace screen. The fire brilliantly illuminates the fireplace screen you designed, giving a new dimension to the entire living room. Everyone remains content and relaxed, basking in the warm fire light and dancing shadows created by your fireplace screen. Why not enhance the beauty and safety of your fireplace with a custom fireplace screen? My custom metal screens can amplify the beauty of any fireplace – whether it is brick or stone, gas or wood-burning. Do you have a built-in or corner fireplace? Create a dramatic effect that will cast whimsical light and shadows throughout your entire room. Do you have a two-sided fireplace accessible from each side? Create matching screens to provide beauty and protection from any angle. Do you have an outdoor fireplace? Consider powder-coating your fireplace screen for added outdoor durability. You can choose between a free-standing flat panel fireplace screen or multiple panels. Add a spark guard to protect loved ones from stray ashes. Or, if you already have a spark-guard, consider adding an artistic touch with a purely decorative fireplace screen. The possibilities are endless.