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Vaquero "El Bigoton"

Vaquero  "El Bigoton"

Long before the land men, working in the Eagle Ford Shale came to this country, the Mexican vaquero rode his caballo out of Mexico, across the "wild horse desert" and on to Mission San Antonio.   I am fairly sure that the dinner plate size saddle horn on those Mexican saddles had a GPS mounted in it for directions.   Or,,,, maybe not.  Either way, that style of cowboy,  horse and tack is not to be mistaken.  It is puro Vaquero.   A real horseman and cowboy.  This particular one is named  "El Bigoton"  for the big bigote, (mustache). 

This piece is 28" tall and 53" wide.  Hand cut from 10 gauge steel so it can be hung on a sheetrock wall. 

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