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I welcome the opportunity to recommend Jerry Kirby at Torchcraft Metal Art. After viewing many metal art web sites, was by far the most appealing.  A trip to south Texas was necessary to meet Jerry and see his work.  I immediately realized that this man was an expert at his craft, enjoyed his work, and took great pride in his accomplishments. When we decided to start the project, he promised that I could change my mind as many times as I wanted, and he was true to his word!

Oklahoma was celebrating their centennial year 2008 when the sign was in planning stages. Since this property had been in my family from 1907 Indian Territory,  a memorial sign was created for the gate.

Jerry's Texas star would never work for a Sooner, so we compromised by using an outline of the state of Oklahoma, Jerry put his star to mark the location.  We were both happy.

We  corresponded for several months by phone, email, and U. S. mail.  I had very definite ideas of the activities to be portrayed.  Jerry had the "know how".  Together we kept making adjustments until the final draft was complete.  We had a great working relationship and became best friends. We were extremely pleased with the completed sign. This is a gift to my sons and their families to enjoy for years to come.

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The Torchcraft Difference....

Torchcraft cuts most outdoor signs from 3/16-inch (7 gauge) new plate steel.  Indoor signs may be cut from 1/8-inch steel.  It's easy to see from the photo the difference in thickness of Torchcraft steel vs the "other guys".  Most other artist cut from a flimsy 14 gauge steel such as the one pictured above that I picked up from a local art show.  When you think about your metal sign, do you want one as thick as a paper clip or as thick as 4 dimes? Thats an 82% difference.

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